ENGIE presents city of the future at Salon des Mandataires

On February 8 and 9, the 13th Salon des Mandataires fair will be held at the Wex in Marche-en-Famenne. ENGIE will be there to present its solutions for the city of the future to representatives of municipalities, provinces, intermunicipal companies and other public-interest organisations.

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The city of the future will be smarter. Our towns and cities are well aware of this and many have already developed projects related to the concept of smart cities. Progress can be made in many areas – such as transport, infrastructure, lighting, air pollution, traffic management, waste and water – to make cities safer, more connected, more economical, more sustainable.

ENGIE offers solutions tailored to the needs and priorities of towns and cities. Representatives of municipalities, provinces and so on will be able to find out about these solutions in detail at the Salon des Mandataires taking place on February 8 and 9, 2018 at the Wex in Marche-en-Famenne but here’s a sneak preview…

Energy performance contracts

Towns and cities often have to manage public buildings that have become energy drains. ENGIE offers energy performance contracts (EPCs) to reduce consumption and avoid waste. Under these contracts, ENGIE manages consumption and commits to the results.

In Li├Ęge, 27 schools have already adopted one of these contracts, amounting to some 50 buildings in total. Installing heat pumps, high-performance glass, better insulation and solar panels will reduce their energy consumption by 12 to 53%. The Huy regional health centre (CHR Huy) was the first hospital to sign an EPC.

Road safety, building protection, video surveillance

ENGIE offers and implements various initiatives in a number of cities to increase security and improve quality of life, such as cameras that can identify stolen or uninsured vehicles or that monitor low-emission urban areas, and video surveillance to combat petty crime.

It also installs charging terminals for electric cars and builds CNG stations. The Group also covers sustainable mobility by offering smart mobility solutions such as dynamic road signs, dynamic parking guidance systems, adjustable lighting in tunnels, and so on.

Smart and more efficient lighting

Imagine public lighting that can adjust its brightness depending on the road user (e.g. pedestrian, bicycle, car) and respond to motion. In Wavre, ENGIE has already installed 282 lights equipped with LED bulbs and this smart technology. It could generate energy savings of 86% for the city!

Our cities’ masterpieces of architectural heritage can also be decked out with lights to accentuate them while reducing the energy bill, like the Belfry of Mons, where 185 LED lamps are expected to lower the cost of lighting by up to 80% and also slash the system’s maintenance costs by three-quarters! Or Bouillon Castle, where the lighting was reinforced by 4 km of cables and 162 full LED lamps.

Take advantage of small wind turbines

As well as the large wind turbines you see along our motorways, ENGIE has developed expertise in small wind turbines with Fairwind. Small wind turbines can be an ideal source of green electricity for towns and cities.

Would you like to find out about our full range of services for towns and cities? Read our brochure ‘Construire ensemble la ville de demain‘.

You can also ask our experts for an non-binding meeting by sending an e-mail to solutions4cities@engie.com

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