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On Thursday October 12, the Vereniging van Vlaamse Steden en Gemeenten (VVSG, the association of Flemish cities and townships) is holding a fair to which all Flemish local authorities are invited. ENGIE will showcase its solutions that get cities ready for the future.

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The world is changing at a particularly fast pace, and this also affects cities and municipalities. They are facing a range of challenges concerning sustainability, mobility and safety, to which ENGIE, thanks to its expertise in a range of fields, can offer a solution. Together we ensure that cities and municipalities become smarter, as well as more energy efficient, safe and sustainable.

From small to large-scale projects, ENGIE offers solutions tailored to the end customer’s needs and priorities, with a focus on quality and minimum stress.

More efficient lighting

Whether lighting buildings or roads, LED technology is gradually taking over cities, resulting in an immediate, positive impact on energy bills.

Energy bills for lighting on Brussels’ Grand Place fell by 80% after ENGIE Fabricom installed 1,600 individually controlled LED projectors.

Energy performance contracts

Cities and municipalities sometimes have to deal with ageing buildings that consume a lot of energy. ENGIE’s energy performance contract is a long-term agreement intended to reduce this energy consumption. We take over energy management and guarantee results.

27 schools in the province of Li├Ęge opted for such an energy performance contract with ENGIE Cofely. This contract covered a total of 50 buildings, each of which will see their energy consumption fall by between 12 and 53% as a result of, for instance, the installation of heat pumps, low-emission glass, insulation and solar panels.


More and more people are living in cities, which means that it is also important for residents’ quality of life and health that cities and municipalities invest in sustainable mobility. ENGIE can help them to roll out sustainable, smart mobility initiatives.

ENGIE Fabricom installed cameras in Antwerp city centre as part of the low emission zone launched in February 2017. They check vehicles using their number plates so as to keep heavily polluting vehicles out of the city.

Wind power

If we want to hit Europe’s renewable energy targets, we need at least 280 more wind turbines in Flanders by 2020.

ENGIE has teamed up with Fairwind and can now offer smaller wind turbines alongside the well-known large models. Generating around 100 MWh per year, these smaller turbines are perfect for SMEs, farmers, cities and municipalities wanting to power their local activities using green energy.

Want to find out more?

If you want to learn about everything we offer cities and municipalities, download our free brochure ‘Construire ensemble la ville de demain‘ or contact one of our experts for a non-binding chat: solutions4cities@engie.com.

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