ENGIE Fabricom innovates yet again in industrial maintenance

ENGIE Fabricom recently launched a new workshop for servicing critical, nuclear-class motors that features a range of equipment nearly unique in Europe. But this is not the ENGIE subsidiary’s only industrial maintenance facility. Its services portfolio is much larger.

ENGIE Fabricom  Lillo jbc sli
ENGIE Fabricom  Lillo jbc sli
ENGIE Fabricom  Lillo jbc sli
ENGIE Fabricom  Lillo jbc sli

One of ENGIE Fabricom’s core businesses is ensuring optimal operational and energy performance for industry stakeholders. To that end, it has developed custom all-in services for industrial customers, specifically with respect to servicing technical facilities.

Specialised maintenance services

ENGIE Fabricom delivers preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance on single and multiple sites. Either on-site or in the workshop. And in multiple sectors: pipework and mechanical engineering, electricity and instrumentation, automation and process control, overhaul of valves and pumps, calibration, lubrication, and more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some time ago ENGIE Fabricom decided to expand its specialist services for mechanical overhauls and opened a brand new workshop alongside its existing mechanical engineering workshop in Lillo, in the Antwerp port zone. The new workshop focuses on overhauling electric motors, including critical nuclear-class motors.

Uniquely equipped

In this new 1,800 m² workshop, ENGIE Fabricom will service and overhaul high and low-voltage electric motors, with an emphasis on quality and risk management. The workshop equipment includes an impregnation tank, which is used in overhauling nuclear motors. “This investment in an impregnation tank is quite unique in Europe”, says Mark Dirckx, Managing Director of ENGIE Fabricom. “Most motor overhaul workshops do not have this kind of equipment.”

Once overhauled, the motors are immersed in a nuclear-certified resin to ensure high-quality insulation. ENGIE Fabricom is the first to use this new type of nuclear-quality resin.

“This new activity is a fine illustration of possible areas of cooperation between ENGIE Group subsidiaries and the major benefits of the synergies and expanded competencies found in the Group. The ENGIE Fabricom workshop was equipped so that it can provide special, high-quality maintenance for the many nuclear-qualified motors”, says Rikkert Wyckmans, Maintenance Manager, ENGIE Electrabel. Initially, a number of motors at the Doel and Tihange power stations will be overhauled in the new workshop.

The company also intends to maintain motors for petrochemicals plants in the Antwerp port zone. “We will then go after a bigger market”, says Mark Dirckx. “We can operate within a range of 400 km, further afield than the Ruhr region and Paris.”

Multi-stage overhaul

To overhaul motors, they must first be removed from the facility where they are located and from their housing. Diagnostic tests are performed to ascertain the significance of damage, if any, and to estimate the scope of the overhaul needed. Measurements are taken, servicing is performed and they are rewound. The sump is sandblasted, cleaned and enamelled in a furnace. Power tests are conducted before the motor is reassembled.

Six people currently work at the Lillo workshop. Over the next five years, that number will rise to around 30.

Watch the video.

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