ENGIE cares for hospitals

A hospital or care home must be able to operate smoothly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Luckily, ENGIE and its subsidiaries are on hand to take care of them so that staff can focus all their attention on patients without having to worry about technical or safety issues.

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Comprehensive solutions for the healthcare sector
AZSTM jbc sli
The AZ Sint Maarten hospital complex in Mechelen
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The Chirec hospital group in Auderghem
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The Huy regional health centre

Hospital and healthcare facilities require careful, round-the-clock management. The safety and comfort of patients and staff must not be compromised by equipment breakdowns or malfunctions. It’s also important that lighting, heating, ventilation and any other aspects of energy management don’t blow the already stretched budgets of these institutions. Last but not least, there can be no question of staff wasting their time managing technical equipment to the detriment of patient care.

That’s why ENGIE and its subsidiaries ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Fabricom, ENGIE Axima and ENGIE Electrabel provide the healthcare sector with comprehensive solutions geared towards three priorities: safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

Caring for Belgian hospitals

ENGIE looks after over a hundred hospitals across the country. So what exactly do we do? Among other things we oversee:

  • air, water and hygiene quality: ENGIE Cofely’s teams perform technical interventions in operating rooms, check for possible contamination and subject sterile units to overpressure to prevent the entry of viruses and microbes. These are known as ‘clean room’ services.
  • energy efficiency: ENGIE Cofely and ENGIE Axima deploy technical solutions to help hospitals reduce and improve their energy consumption and generate local, renewable energy (biomass cogeneration, geothermal, etc.).
  • operation of electrical systems: even during a power cut, hospital equipment must continue to operate using generators. Our building management service keeps infrastructure under permanent observation to enable rapid action when necessary. Regular testing and preventive maintenance is carried out to minimise the risk of breakdowns. ENGIE Fabricom builds and operates all of the electrical facilities.
  • all non-medical management such as cleaning services, meal delivery, security services, smart waste management and maintenance of green spaces.
  • IT infrastructure: including designing, installing and maintaining innovative, economical and environmentally-friendly data centres.

Other services include supplying medical gas, managing refrigeration systems, calibrating measurement instruments, air conditioning, lighting and new applications for defibrillators, to name but a few.

Three real-life examples

The AZ Sint Maarten hospital complex will bring together three sites at a brand new hospital in Mechelen. ENGIE Axima and ENGIE Fabricom have joined forces to create sustainable HVAC and electrical systems, including thermal power generation from geothermal energy, cogeneration units and heat pumps. This will allow AZ Sint-Maarten to generate its own energy and be less dependent on the grid. It is scheduled to open in 2018!

The Chirec hospital group partnered with ENGIE Fabricom to create the electrical systems at its new site in Auderghem and with ENGIE Axima for the HVAC. Boilers with heat exchangers, heat pumps, chilled water systems and 100 m2 of photovoltaic panels ensure sustainable energy management. For example, the hospital uses 100% LED lighting. ENGIE Cofely is installing a data processing centre there, which it will maintain for the next four years.

Huy regional health centre (CHR Huy) and ENGIE Cofely have just signed the first energy performance contract in Wallonia’s hospital sector with a view to cutting the hospital’s energy consumption by over a quarter. ENGIE Cofely will also service all of the hospital’s technical facilities for the next 10 years.

What else? ENGIE also helps healthcare professionals to integrate new technologies by inviting them to be part of its open innovation approach leading to the digital hospital of the future.

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