Projects involved with the energy transition

Coo – a pioneer in the energy transition

ENGIE Electrabel Coo jbc viIn addition to the construction of a third basin on the site of Coo-Trois-Ponts, ENGIE also aims to produce solar and wind energy at this site. That production could be directly connected to the electrical and storage facilities of the plant. 17,000 solar panels could be arranged along the second basin.

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Smart water meters

ENGIE M2M Water-link FR jbc viA first for Belgium! The coming weeks, 1,000 smart water meters will be installed in Antwerp homes. That premiere is possible thanks to the intelligent network Engie M2M deployed and managed on the basis of the global Sigfox connection technology for ‘The Internet of Things’.

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Solar carport for electric cars

ENGIE Solar Fast Charging Station jbc viIn May 2016 the first Belgian Solar Fast Charging Station was officially opened at Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde. This unique carport of which the roof consists of photovoltaic panels, allows electric cars to be recharged with solar energy in half an hour! A new step towards the green mobility of the future.

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Batteries 2020

battery_energy_storageENGIE is participating in the European Batteries 2020 project that aims amongst others to recycle batteries from electric cars for the storing of renewable energy. The analysis of reuse and recycling of batteries is a key issue for the competitive development of electrical energy storage solutions for transport and renewable energy sectors.

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A research project to store renewable energy

battery_energy_storageThe chemical storage of electricity produced by photovoltaic panels and wind turbines in order to make it available continuously: this is the aim of the research conducted in the university project FREE  (Flexible eneRgy vEctors of the futurE) launched in April 2016 and supported by ENGIE Electrabel.

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Support the Solar Team of the KU Leuven

Solar-Powered-CarENGIE is sponsoring a team of students from the KU Leuven that develops a new solar racing car prototype every two years. ENGIE Laborelec supports them financially and provides them with technical support: help them to choose the best solar panel for the car, helping to improve the stability of the electronic control of the car…

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