Cutting-edge electrical installations and renewable energy

Le parc photovoltaïque de Bollène.

Cutting-edge electrical installations

Janssen Pharmaceutica, two sites, four sources of electrical energy

The pharmaceutical giant’s storage buildings cannot afford to have any interruptions to its heat and electrical energy supply. For this reason, ENGIE Fabricom installed four different sources of electrical energy there: conventional supply from the grid, emergency generator sets, cogeneration units and photovoltaic panels to secure the supply while reducing the environmental impact.

A high voltage substation for offshore wind

ENGIE Fabricom built the high voltage substation for the Belwind offshore wind farm in its Module Yard at Hoboken. The company collects electricity generated by maritime wind turbines before sending it onshore. Tractebel ENGIE is involved in the design and network connection and manages the interface with the network operator (Elia).

Focus on renewable energy

A wind farm in your business

Wishful thinking? Not at all! ENGIE Electrabel has installed two wind farms (9 turbines of 3.45 MW each) on the premises of its customers Umicore and Aurubis at Olen and ArcelorMittal in the port area of Ghent. The aim is to use this green energy in their industrial processes.

Photovoltaic carports at the University of Liège

ENGIE Cofely, together with ENGIE Fabricom, has installed 2,639 m² of photovoltaic panels in carports installed in the open-air car parks at the University of Liège. They will produce around 400,000 kWh a year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 100 households. The energy produced – intended for the university buildings – will feed two electrical substations, with no electricity being fed back into the grid. At the university site, ENGIE Cofely is also in charge of the technical maintenance of a cogeneration facility fed by pellets, as well as 2 other engine/gas cogeneration units.

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