Supply of energy and tailor-made multi-technology solutions

Supply of energy and tailor-made multi-technology solutions

For businesses, the energy transition has been an everyday reality for several years. Only very few are yet to take action to make their energy more sustainable, more controlled and more digitalised.


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ENGIE provides companies of any size with not just the energy they require for their business, but also a range of solutions for optimising their resources and operational performance.

Whatever the size of your business or area of activity, ENGIE can manage all aspects of energy – from technical reviews to development, including engineering, construction, operation, maintenance or operational management of facilities.

We also help you with your energy production projects and to increase the energy efficiency of your facilities. Finally, we also advise you on sustainable mobility solutions.

SMEs, data centres, retailers, airports, manufacturers, sports centres, hospitals, industries, banks, tertiary sector, shopping centres – our teams are ready to assist you whatever your area of activity, whatever size your company is and, moreover, whatever energy challenges you want to take up.

Discover some of our know-how in a variety of fields


Opérateur sur la nacelle d'une éolienne.

Wind turbines on industrial sites


Eco-friendly shopping


Sustainable diving

Charging station Powerdale (1)

Green mobility

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