The Belgian panna champions are back

The sixth edition of ENGIE Street Heroes began in Louvain on April 4, kicking off seven months of competition from town qualifiers to the final that will determine Belgium’s champions. Do not miss our Street Heroes when they play near you!

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Street football is a real institution in Belgium, the birthplace of the sport. The country is also home to the world’s panna champion, Ilyas Touba, who over the past three years has been crowned at national, European and global level. Watch him deal Red Devil Kevin De Bruyne panna after panna.

Did you say panna?

What is a panna? A panna (or nutmeg) involves intentionally passing the ball between your opponent’s legs and then retrieving it on the other side.

A panna match lasts three minutes and takes place one-on-one on a small pitch six metres in diameter. If you successfully complete a panna, you win the match! If neither player manages a panna, the winner is whoever scores the most goals.

ENGIE Street Heroes 2017 kicked off in Louvain on April 4, signalling the start of the season and a series of matches taking place in 15 partner towns. The Belgian panna champions in the U13, U16, 16+ and girls categories will be crowned in October. It is definitely going to be a lengthy, exciting competition!

ENGIE, a long-time partner

ENGIE has been a Street Heroes partner from the get-go. Panna extols the values that the company holds dear, like respect, solidarity, tolerance and fair play. The competition, which is organised in close cooperation with both the francophone and Flemish street football leagues, is also an excellent way to encourage integration, as it brings together young people from very different backgrounds around a shared ideal.

ENGIE’s support dovetails with its role as a responsible stakeholder with local roots that fully assumes its corporate social responsibility.

Request the programme

It could not be easier to see our street footballers in action in your town – simply check the programme of the first matches.

This spectacular video of Evrim Nallar, vice Belgian 16+ champion, should whet your appetite while you wait to see panna live. His panna is just incredible!

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