Back to class for ENGIE at 27 schools in Liège

It’s almost time to go back to school. And not just for pupils! ENGIE Cofely is also heading back to the classroom and already has its first homework assignment: it must improve the energy efficiency of 27 municipal and provincial schools in Liège. A total of 50 buildings! A first in Belgium.

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Heating and electricity are a money sink for schools. Managing consumption more efficiently is no longer an option. Not just to save money and boost comfort, but also to make heads and pupils more aware of today’s energy challenges.

RenoWatt, a pilot project for the energy renovation of public buildings, has been launched in the Liège region. In joining the project, municipal and provincial schools have shown they are committed to cutting their energy bill and therefore consumption, as well as reducing their CO2 footprint. To that end, ENGIE Cofely – a leader in the energy transition and energy efficiency solutions – signed an energy performance contract (EPC) to renovate and maintain 50 buildings across 27 schools. The EPC is a first for schools in Belgium.

Smart heating and lighting

The work implemented by ENGIE Cofely will make it possible for schools to cut their energy consumption by 12 to 53%. The actual work will start in summer 2018 during the break.

The project will include installing heat pumps, replacing windows with high-performance double glazing, insulating roofs and external walls, and installing photovoltaic panels and cogeneration units.

Some schools will also benefit from smart lighting, which means lights will no longer be left on in the evening or during weekends. Lighting will be programmed according to class schedules. The system will include presence detectors and daylight detectors, so that lights turn on and off according to relevant indicators.

Systems for managing technical facilities will also be deployed, making it possible to more finely control heating as dictated by requirements, such as building occupancy and outdoor temperature. Parent meeting scheduled for the evening? The school head can programme the system so that the heating is only on for the duration of the event.

Watch out for poor report cards

The energy performance contract is an increasingly popular way of cutting energy use. ENGIE Cofely will deploy its expertise and manage the project from start to end. It will also maintain the facilities for 15 years, handle preventive maintenance and suggest areas for improvement for the entire duration of the contract. To that end, ENGIE has also promised to train and employ local labour and to respond within one hour in the event of a breakdown.

Besides, ENGIE Cofely guarantees a drop in energy consumption for 27 schools in Liège. If it does not achieve the target of reducing consumption by 30% on average, it will have to pay the difference. If the reduction is more important, the bonus will be divided. In other words, a good report for everyone!


ENGIE Cofely contrat de performance énergétique jbc ar

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