Wind energy

In our country, ENGIE is one of the major wind energy players. At sea, on land, and now also using smaller wind turbines... We have developed extensive expertise and experience with electro-mechanical installations.

Offshore wind energy

At ENGIE, we take on full responsibility for the entire life cycle of our customers’ offshore wind projects. We offer a complete range of services, including research and development, design, EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning), maintenance and monitoring. With all our services, we endeavour to realise optimum performance and the very best cost of ownership for the duration of the project.

ENGIE is also laying the foundations for the next generation of offshore high-voltage substations: these are not only smart and simple, but also safe and adaptable. These new platforms are distinguished by their lightness and rapid construction time and the ease with which they can be transported and installed.
ENGIE currently has a market share of 40% in the construction and installation of substations for offshore wind energy.

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Onshore wind energy

Our customers also benefit from our expertise with respect to electricity systems for wind turbines and their corresponding connection to the medium-voltage network. So far, we have installed over 166 onshore wind turbines on Belgian territory; this equates to an overall capacity of around 367 MW. By 2020, our wind capacity on land will amount to 550 MW.

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Small wind turbines

At ENGIE, we are constantly working on expanding our range of renewable energy production systems. This has seen us join forces with Fairwind, the Belgian manufacturer of small wind turbines with a vertical axis. The ideal solution for SMEs that would like to produce their own green electricity. This range is ideal for businesses that consume between 30 and 500 MWh per year (agricultural businesses, SMEs, the self-employed, local authorities, and so on). The investment pays for itself within six to twelve years. Both Wallonia and Flanders offer subsidies to support investments in small wind turbines.

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Alternative renewable energy
Producing energy without CO2... At ENGIE, we are constantly investigating innovative technologies so that we can become less dependent on energy sources that contain carbon and increase the production of green energy. We not only invest in the solar energy sectors and in production from wind energy, but also focus on the development of other renewable energy sources...