London Bridge and Mexico Bridge renovated by ENGIE

ENGIE is actively working on the Noorderlijn, which is intended to ensure the flow of traffic through Antwerp runs more smoothly and also improve accessibility to the north of the city. ENGIE also recently replaced the London bridge and renovated the Mexico bridge, two important bridges in Antwerp.

Multimodal approach to the London Bridge

London Bridge is an important traffic artery in Antwerp between the old docks and the ‘Eilandje’. In August 2016, the bridge was closed to motorised traffic to enable substantial renovation and expansion work to begin. The existing bridge will be completely replaced by a new, wider one. This will allow pedestrians, cyclists, cars and the tram to cross safely.

ENGIE Fabricom is working on this extensive project [LINK], which will contribute towards a transformation into a more sustainable mobility solution.  The teams from ENGIE Fabricom were responsible for the electro-mechanical tasks on the bridge: the electricity, mechanics, hydraulics and drive for all of these elements.


A dual tram line on the Mexico Bridge

The Mexico Bridge is the historical lift-bridge between the Houtdok and Kattendijkdok. This bridge is being fitted with a dual tram line. Given the fact that the bridge moves and that the machine room is located near protected monuments, the restoration project had to proceed with respect for traditional techniques.