ENGIE, committed to local engagement

ENGIE integrates responsible growth at the heart of its activities in order to tackle the enormous challenges of transitioning to a carbon neutral future.

As a major company, ENGIE fully assumes its social responsibility and makes it a point of honour to contribute to building a fairer world. Our commitment has been part of our DNA for many years and is part of our corporate culture. 

The local anchoring of our company allows us to identify many societal needs through a constant dialogue with the parties concerned. Our social policy is built around the ENGIE Foundation, which works on the central theme of integrating young people through sport, culture and education. Our many years of expertise also enable us to support organisations through skills patronage. Finally, we also support hundreds of ENGIE employees who are involved in associations during their free time.

The ENGIE Foundation gives wings to young people

The ENGIE Foundation's priority is the support of numerous projects and associations that promote the integration of children and young people through sports, culture or education. Every year, it accompanies and supports projects that have an impact on tens of thousands of children in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders.
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3 tips for drafting a request for support
How do you draft a request for support? How should you structure the file? How do you ensure that it appeals to the Foundation and its decision-makers? These 3 tips will help:
How do you submit an application to the ENGIE Foundation?
The mission of the ENGIE Foundation in Belgium is to give wings to children and young people who are looking for their way in life. The ENGIE Foundation supports projects and associations that enable the integration of children and young people through sport, culture or education. Do you have a project close to your heart? Here is the procedure for submitting a file to the ENGIE Foundation.

The 11 projects which were supported by the ENGIE Foundation in 2020
Discover the 11 projects that the ENGIE Foundation supports in 2020:
Taking action for health
ENGIE and the ENGIE Foundation are also active in other societal areas that affect citizens. Depending on serious circumstances (such as the covid-19 crisis) and recurring issues in our society, ENGIE and its Corporate Foundation develop, in partnership with reliable external stakeholders, specific projects in the field of health.

By guaranteeing many healthcare institutions reliable infrastructures and facilities, the various subsidiaries of the ENGIE Group in Belgium contribute to the well-being of patients and the quality of support. The ENGIE Group, through its Foundation, is also involved in supporting social projects in favour of the most vulnerable people in our society, both financially and through volunteer work.
Skills sponsorship
ENGIE and its Foundation are committed alongside partner associations by providing their know-how, expertise and resources through skills sponsorship. Active or retired employees put their talents and performance at the service of solidarity and environmental initiatives.
Through Power2Act we support our solidary employees
As a socially engaged company, ENGIE has launched the internal Power2Act program. This program supports ENGIE employees who volunteer their free time for solidarity projects.

Integration in 3 themes
ENGIE and its ENGIE Foundation contribute to making our society more supportive, more sustainable, more respectful of people and the environment, and more inclusive. Our corporate responsibility is not only in the sense of the carbon neutrality of our industrial activities, but also in our willingness to help the fair development of everyone!

To this end, ENGIE and the ENGIE Foundation develop daily initiatives focused on youth; the future of young people and more broadly the improvement of the well-being of all. Three main themes translate this will into concrete actions...
The slag heap of Hénâ - A second life for an industrial site
The slag heap of Hénâ is located in the municipality of Flémalle. The site was originally comprised of two large valleys, which were home to the Hénâ Creek and the Fagnes Creek. The slag heap at Hénâ is composed of coal combustion residuals of the former coal-fired power plant at Les Awirs.